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The third wave of epidemic is coming! Consider closing the city again?

The third wave of epidemic is coming! Consider closing the city again?

With the spread of the mutated virus, the third wave of epidemic in Europe is coming. Many countries have restarted the blockade measures. German health minister said on the 27th that a new round of “city closure” is being considered.

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As of the 27th, the number of new confirmed cases per day in Germany has exceeded 20000 for three consecutive days, with 124.9 new confirmed cases per 100000 people in seven days, the highest since the middle of January this year.

German health minister Shi pan 27 said that Germany needs to implement the “10 to 14 days” measures to control the continued rebound of COVID-19.

German health minister Jens Spencer: if we can take timely and unified measures to control this round of epidemic before the further spread of the epidemic in April, we can implement the measures to relax the control in the future, that is, the measures currently being implemented in some low-risk areas.
He also said that Germany may start vaccinating with the single dose new crown vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson in mid April to promote the slow progress of vaccination.

It is understood that German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on the 23rd of this month the introduction of anti epidemic measures during rest days, including the closure of all shops from April 1 to 5, and the conditional opening of food supermarkets and gas stations on April 3, the day before the upcoming western traditional festival. However, due to strong opposition, she announced the abolition of the measure the next day.

In France, the latest data on the 27th showed that there were more than 40000 newly diagnosed cases in a single day for three consecutive days; as of that day, nearly 4800 critically ill patients were treated in the hospital intensive care unit, a new high this year.

French President Marcon said he would evaluate the effectiveness of the current prevention and control measures in the next few days and take necessary measures according to the specific situation, but the French government has not made any new decisions, the French Sunday newspaper reported on the 28th.

Since the 20th of this month, the French government has implemented relatively loose restrictions on the travel of residents in 19 provinces under the principle of “control but not closure”, which has aroused doubts from the French media and medical staff.

Post time: Mar-29-2021