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How to distinguish KN95 mask

How to distinguish KN95 mask

Although the novel coronavirus epidemic has been launched, the market regulatory authorities and consumers associations at all levels have called for business integrity and law-abiding management. However, there are still many unscrupulous businesses against the wind and sell fake masks to take advantage of illegal profits. Especially when the mask is broken, many friends will worry that they may have bought fake masks, so now I share some of them. Knowledge of how to tell whether a mask is true or not.

Now, the novel coronavirus mask is a surgical mask and a KN95 mask. According to the Beijing Consumer Association, there are three layers of filtration for medical surgical masks. When buying, they confirm that the YY0469-2011 is on the packaging. And the standard of YY0469-2011 surgical mask is the regular medical surgical mask.

for our daily contact with more KN95 masks, the Beijing Consumer Association, in combination with the most popular 3M mask, also gives a method to distinguish the truth from the false

Smell: 3M mask has no peculiar smell, it only has activated carbon, which has a light smell of activated carbon, and there is no rubber smell.

2. Look at printing: all the fonts on 3M masks are laser printed, and the printing marks show a 45 degree oblique angle, while fake ones are ink printing. Moreover, ink printing often leads to uneven ink. Specifically, the printing traces of genuine 3M masks are striped, while the fake masks are round dots. Moreover, the genuine masks show that they can correspond with the flow code on the package On the other hand, fake goods can’t.

3. Look at the logo and certification: La logo and QS certification are not printed on the box, but have two small labels. As long as non domestic masks are formally imported, they must also have La certification, while domestic masks must have QS and La certification.

According to the Beijing Consumer Association, consumers can call 12315 to report fake goods. I hope that in this serious period of the epidemic, unscrupulous businessmen can repent as soon as possible, so that we can spend this extraordinary period safely.

Yirentang mask reminder:

For ordinary people, it is far more effective to let limited N95 masks go to the front-line battlefield and ensure the safety of medical staff, which is far more effective than wearing masks on their own. Moreover, the more the front-line combat readiness is, the more leisurely the ordinary consumers can buy masks.

Mass production of N95 mask

fighting virus is a scientific battle. We ordinary people should not only protect ourselves, but also do not cause trouble to the country. We should try our best to go out according to the national regulations. We should take protective measures when going out. We hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible. We hope that the front-line medical staff can protect ourselves.

Post time: Oct-15-2020