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How long can KN95 mask be used? Can it prevent virus

How long can KN95 mask be used? Can it prevent virus

Mask novel coronavirus as a weapon to resist Wuhan, we have a variety of mask selection, many pharmacies are sold out of masks, want to buy medical masks or anti fog haze mask is very rare, masks in which N95 masks and KN95 mouth mask is the most gunmen, KN95 mask is the domestic mask standard, is in line with national standards of non oily filters. How often do you know how often to change KN95 masks? How long can KN95 mask last? Can KN95 mask be reused?

How often is the KN95 mask replaced? How long can KN95 mask last?

Under normal circumstances, KN95 standard masks can be used for 3 days without epidemic situation. However, it is more severe to go to the new type of pneumonia. The doctor’s suggestion is to replace the mask every 4 hours. If it is to go to a crowded place, it should be replaced every 1-2 hours.

If the KN95 mask is contaminated, such as in a densely populated area or in an epidemic area, if the KN95 mask is sneezing or coughing on the opposite side, it belongs to the contaminated situation and needs to be replaced in time.

For the front-line doctors in hospitals, they basically use medical surgical masks, goggles and protective clothing, so as to do basic safety protection. Medical surgical masks are basically worn once, and they will be replaced when they are used next time.

The medical KN95 mask can be used for 3 days, but under the current situation, it is recommended to replace it every 4 hours, depending on the surrounding environment. If you are wandering in the community and do not go far away, KN95 mask can be worn many times, and it can be changed once a day. However, if it is going out to crowded places, it is recommended to replace it once every 4-6 hours, and 2 masks a day.

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, there is a shortage of masks. Bester suggests that you can replace one in 8 hours. Generally, if you want to go out for a long time and enter crowded places, it is almost as good to prepare two masks a day.

Can KN95 mask be reused?

KN95 masks are not recommended to be reused. One is that it is not easy to disinfect yourself, which may also lead to safety hazards due to inadequate disinfection.

KN95 mask is not allowed to be cleaned. The main filtering effect of KN95 mask is based on the principle of electrostatic adsorption. The small molecules of each filter cloth are covered with a lot of high current, and small particles will be absorbed after passing. If washed with water, the static electricity will disappear and the filtering effect will be reduced. Bottle technology mask reminds KN95 that it is better not to wash the mask with water.

When selecting respirators to prevent particulate matter (such as dust, smoke, fog and pathogenic microorganisms from various sources, including PM2.5), it is necessary to select a respirator that meets Chinese or international standards to achieve basic filtration efficiency.

When the internal spray material encounters the exhaled moisture, the static electricity disappears after a period of time, and the use effect of the mask is greatly reduced. A lot of people will take off their masks and put them in their pockets and take them out later to wear them. It doesn’t matter. It’s better not to take them off casually, but to change them, especially during the epidemic period. It is very important to keep good hygiene habits.

What respirators should novel coronavirus be used to prevent?

There are three main types of standards that can resist the new type of pneumonia virus

1. Medical surgical mask

Medical surgical mask is in line with the national standard GB19083-2010 mandatory standard, filtration efficiency is greater than 95% of non oily particles test, and meets the blood penetration test.

2. N95 mask

N95 respirator conforms to NIOSH certification of the United States, and the filtration efficiency of non oily particulate matter is greater than or equal to 95%

3. KN95 mask

It meets the mandatory standard of GB2626-2006, and the filtration efficiency of non oily particles is more than 95%

Can N95 masks be worn for a long time?

N95 masks should not be worn for a long time. N95 mask belongs to industrial dustproof mask, which has good airtightness and is easy to cause people to have poor breathing and hypoxia. If it is haze weather, citizens do not need to wear N95 masks. They can choose KN95 or KN90 masks that meet the national standards, or wear general medical masks to resist most of the pollutants.

What are the mask grades?

1. N95, n99, N100 can filter at least 95%, 99%, 99.97% of suspended particles

2. R95, R99, R100 can filter at least 95%, 99%, 99.97% of suspended particles

3. P95, p99, P100 can filter at least 95%, 99%, 99.97% of suspended particles

What are the advantages and disadvantages of KN90 and KN95 masks?

Advantages: fine dust filtration effect, good sealing effect

Disadvantages: stuffy and uncomfortable, easy to cause respiratory diseases

Application occasions: mines, chemical plants and other work places that need special protection. When haze is serious, it is recommended to use for a short time

matters needing attention:

Take it off for about two and a half hours and breathe. 2) Don’t use it for the elderly, children, patients with respiratory diseases and the weak.

Post time: Oct-15-2020