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Gao Fu, National Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The epidemic is just a smoke bomb. Covid-19 may have existed decades ago.

Gao Fu, National Center for Disease Control and Prevention: The epidemic is just a smoke bomb. Covid-19 may have existed decades ago.

On September 25th, 2021, according to the remarks made by Gao Fu, the director of China CDC in Zhongguancun Forum, the wide spread of COVID-19 epidemic should be regarded as a ”grey rhinoceros” incident in the world, and it is not a ”black swan” incident. According to the investigation, Covid-19 first existed much earlier than we thought.


Deduction about Covid-19.

Gao Fu believes that although modern scientists have named the new coronavirus COVID-19, it is quite possible that Covid-19 appeared decades ago.

On October 18th, 19th, Director Gao Fu once participated in a deduction about CAPS coronavirus held by Johns Hopkins University in the United States.


Coronavirus is the root of a large-scale epidemic. As early as October 18th, 19, scientists from all over the world had a premonition that coronavirus might bring disaster to mankind in the future, but even the initiator of the deduction of “CAPS” coronavirus did not think that coronavirus came so quickly and rapidly.


The real origin of Covid-19.

The reason why the outbreak of COVID-19 was named covid-19 is because it is a variant of coronavirus, and the variability of coronavirus is strong, and the generation is stronger than the generation. This is the most worrying problem for scientists all over the world. Everyone is afraid that Covid-19 will mutate into a more terrible strain in the future. If ”Poison King” appears, the existing COVID-19 vaccine will lose its function.


If we want to trace back to the earliest coronavirus discovered by human beings, we should probably dial the timeline to 1965, which is the time when human beings first discovered the coronavirus strain. Then in 2004, Hong Kong University successfully isolated a coronavirus named ”HCoV-HKU1″ from its host.


Responding to COVID-19 epidemic.

So, perhaps the appearance of the novel coronavirus originated from the old beautiful laboratory on the other side of the ocean, but it may also come from nature. Coronavirus appeared a long time ago. In the long latent years, these coronaviruses became more and more powerful. Until the emergence of novel coronavirus, they quickly swept the world.


As far as the present situation is concerned, it is impossible for any single country to be able to solve the COVID-19 issue. Even though our country has done a perfect job in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, as long as the COVID-19 problem in other countries has not been solved, there will always be the risk of cross-border infection. Only when all countries are relieved of Covid-19′s troubles can our country be immune to it.

In order to completely solve the COVID-19 epidemic, all countries in the world must unite. Only by making joint efforts and sharing vaccines and scientific research achievements related to COVID-19 on a global scale can Covid-19 be defeated in a short time.

Post time: Sep-30-2021