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Difference of medical masks, N95 and KN95 masks

Difference of medical masks, N95 and KN95 masks

Recently, we are all buying masks. We have collected some information here

The difference between medical protective mask, N95 mask and KN95 mask

1. Medical protective mask: in line with China GB 19083-2010 mandatory standard, filtration efficiency ≥ 95% (tested with non oily particles). It is required to pass the synthetic blood penetration test (prevent body fluid splashing) and meet the microbial indicators.

2. N95 mask: NIOSH certification, filtration efficiency of non oily particles ≥ 95%.

3. KN95 mask: meet the mandatory standard of GB 2626, and the filtration efficiency of non oily particles is more than or equal to 95%.

As like as two peas, the above three levels of mask efficiency test methods are exactly the same. Therefore, the filtration efficiency level is consistent.

Therefore, we buy NIOSH N95 and GB2626-2006 KN95 masks are the same. The key to wear a mask is to close with the face, that is, no air leakage! Please read the instructions carefully before wearing.

“The core standards for industrial masks and consumer products masks are the same. KN95 of GB2626 standard is OK, and KN90 is enough in fact. Only when the medical staff have body fluid splashing, and when the environmental concentration is very high, it needs to be very strict. But it should be noted that some stars are beautiful with the same mask, but no matter the protective effect. ” The above 3M technicians told the 21st century economic reporter.

As for the frequency of changing masks, the above-mentioned technicians said that if they are dirty and broken, they will change them in three to five days, or if medical staff go to the contaminated area, they will change them.

In fact, there is no clear conclusion on the best wearing time of N95 masks in foreign countries, including who, and there is no relevant regulation on the use time of N95 masks in China. Some researchers have done relevant research on the protection efficiency and wearing time of N95 medical protective mask. The results show that after wearing N95 mask for 2 days, the filtration efficiency still remains above 95%, and the respiratory resistance changes little; the filtration efficiency reduces to 94.7% after wearing N95 medical protective mask for 3 days.

However, the masks should be replaced in time in case of the following situations:

1. Respiratory impedance increased significantly;

2. The mask is damaged or damaged;

3. When the mask cannot fit the face tightly;

4. The mask is contaminated (such as blood stains or droplets and other foreign matters);

5. It has been used in individual ward or patient contact (because the mask has been contaminated);

6. If the mask contains activated carbon, there is odor in the mask.

In addition, the following points should be paid attention to when wearing masks

1. Wash hands before wearing the mask, or avoid touching the inner side of the mask during wearing the mask, so as to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask.

2. Distinguish the inside and outside, up and down of the mask. The light color side is inside and should be close to the mouth and nose, and the dark side should face outward; the end of the metal strip is the top of the mask.

3. Never squeeze the mask with your hands, including N95 mask. You can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask with your hand, the virus will get wet with the spray, and you may get infected with the virus.

4. Make sure that the mask fits well with the face. The simple test method is: after wearing the mask, exhale hard, and the air can not leak out from the edge of the mask.

When you buy a mask, you can first look at the model logo of the outer package. The last key point of wearing a mask is very important. It is not only white but also white!

Post time: Oct-15-2020