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KN95 GB2626-2006,GB2626-2019 (Head-Mounted)

KN95 GB2626-2006,GB2626-2019 (Head-Mounted)

Short Description:

· Product Name: KN95 Disposable Particulate Respirator


· Model: KN95

· Wearing Style: Headband

· Color: White

· Material: Polyester, Electric Static Meltblown


· Standard: GB2626-2006,GB2626-2019

Product Detail

Product Tags

These masks are intended to be used for protection against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions may apply. They are extremely durable and have a soft and comfortable inner surface with adjustable nosepiece and secured headband for a proper fit. There is a low breathing resistance for increased working comfort.

For use against Particulate Aerosols free of oil

Product Characteristic:

Inhalation Resistance Delta P (85LPM + 1LPM): <20mmH2O

Exhalation Resistance Delta P (85LPM + 1LPM): <25mmH2O

Filtration Efficiency: >95% for airbone particles of 0.3micron

Headband Pull Strength: 20N/10s

Exhalation Valve Leakage Test: < 30ml/min

Exhalation Valve Weld Strength: 10N/10s


Disposable Face Mask KN95

KN95 anti virus earloop non woven disposable face mask
China Suppliers Wholesale Manufacturer Custom Earloop Disposable Non Woven 5 Ply  Face Mask

In addition to air pollution, the smog attack will cause damage to our respiratory health, and the masses gather,And the spread of patients ‘droplets can also pose a health threat to us, focusing on respiratory health

Features for Anti Virus Face Mask:
-Disposable 5-Layer Masks
-Function:Pollen prevention,Allergy free,dust proof
-Ergonomic design,more face protection
-There-dimensional breathable space,comfortable breathing
-Adopt high quality Filter element,more efficient dustproof


Is Your KN95 Face Mask Authentic? 3 Ways You Can Test for

KN95 face masks of certified quality help insulate our healthcare heroes and other front-line workers from contracting COVID-19. With the sharp increase in demand, Chinese manufacturers are now churning out 200 million face masks daily, but the delta between supply and demand keeps growing. As a result, false replicas are infiltrating the market, often being sold at exorbitant prices. KN95 Face Mask 5 Pack Ships from USA In StockPollen – The KN95 Mask can protect you from pollen. Our filter has an efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, whereas normal pollen particles are about 10 – 1000 pm in size. Animal Allergens – The KN95 Face Mask can protect you from animal allergens. Efficiency of above 95% at 0.3 pm particle size, animal allergen particles are about 5 KN95 Face Masks Frontline Face MasksKN95 Face Masks (4 Layer). Anti-Particulate (Non-Surgical). Non woven fabric + Polypropylene cotton. Professional KN95 class protective mask, 95% effectively filter dust, bacteria and other harmful substances, is an excellent mask to prevent virus infection and influenza.

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